ML and I thought this would be this purrfect place for all of us to share our "Judi" stories. How did you first "meet" Judi and her cats? What is your favorite "Judi" recollection? Do you have a special message for her? Judi will be reading this blog and we thought that she would enjoy reading your words. Just use your fingers, paws, hoofs, tails and any other phalanges capable of typing! Prose, anecdotes, poetry, tall tales, yarns, favorite quotes and prayers -- any and all are welcome.





"Hey Gal!"  That is the greeting I get every day when I call Judi.  I have been so very lucky to have her in my life.  We met via the Cat Blogosphere (insert gasp of surprise).  We CB'ers are so very fortunate.  We share a unique connection because of the CB.  Judi and I shared blog posts and then went on to share emails.  Emails led to telephone calls and telephone calls led to meeting in person.

I am from Houston, Texas.  I go back as much as I can to visit with ML -- the amazing woman who "is" the Cat Blogosphere.  On one visit a few years ago, I went to meet Judi in San Antonio.  Judi was not born in Texas, however,we know that she got to Texas as quickly as she could.     

After one hug, she and I became very close friends.  I visited with her and her daughter, Traci.  I met Lauryn and Korinna (Judi's beautiful granddaughters).  I also got to meet Sammy and Andy - at that time, they were the only cats in residence.  What a wonderful visit I had with them all.

Every morning, Sassy (my very talkative kitty) comes to me and starts fussing at me:  "MEOW MEOW MEOOOOOWWWWW!"  Translation:  "CALL MY AUNTIE JUDI-BUG RIGHT THIS MINUTE!"  So, of course I comply with Sassy's wishes and call Judi.  I don't get to talk as much as I would like, Sassy dominates the conversation.  She and Judi share many secret conversations.  I am not privy to them.  After Sassy has finished talking, I have my turn to talk to Judi.

Judi and I have shared many conversations.  She always listens to me and offers advice, humor, prayers and love.  When we lost our beloved Seaborne last November, I called Judi.  She knew the exact words to say and helped me get through that very difficult time. 

I went to Texas about a week ago.  ML and I set out on a road trip to San Antonio to see Judi.  It was a race between us to see who got to hug Judi first.  We ended up sharing a wonderful group hug!  The kind of hug that you never want to end.

ML and I got to meet Sammy, Andy and Sierra.  Shelly finally ran through the room and we got to see a little blur!  It is obvious that these fur babies are deeply loved!

Judi loves all of the beautiful cards that you have sent to her.  She asked ML and me to hang them in her bedroom.  Little did she know that she asked two crazy people --well okay....I was actually the crazy one, although I did have support from ML -- to attempt this feat!  It is well known throughout the CB that I am not exactly  graceful.  ML is very graceful....although, when you combine us together with Judi and her daughter, Traci, zany antics abound!

Picture this:  Cards, Ribbon, Thumbtacks & A Hot Glue Gun

Now, I have used a hot glue gun before, but ML has not and she finds it very fascinating!  What a useful tool!  Wow, this glue gun is fun!  WOW....THIS GLUE GUN IS HOT!!!

Now, picture me confiscating said Hot Glue Gun from a certain person who shall remain nameless (ML)!  Really, it was for her own good!  Of course, after I got the glue gun, I promptly glued my fingers together!  Hey, did you know that a hot glue gun gets VERY hot???  Be warned my friends.....IT DOES!

Judi, Traci, ML and Me!  Our antics had us all laughing. At one point in the decorating process, I could not reach high enough to hang a card.  Now, I am 5'7".  Traci is about 5'3".  She promptly took said card and reached up to hang it perfectly.  "How did you do that?"  I asked.  "I used my arms" Traci replied!  Gales of laughter followed.  Of course I was mocked incessantly for the remainder of the evening.  Telling me to "Use your arms" was a guaranteed response to any of my questions.

Judi and I relaxed on her bed and shared some private words.  ML had her private time with Judi as well.  We shared may prayers, hugs and kisses.  We surrounded her with as much love as we possibly could.

We passed along to Judi all the love that everyone had asked us to give to her. She is getting so much comfort from all of that love and light that you are all sending to her. She is enjoying all the cards and other sweet gifts that you have sent to her.

The hardest thing ML and I had to do was leave her.  We love her so very much!  How fortunate we are that we have her in our lives!

Judi, I don't know how much longer we will be privileged to have you here on earth, but I do know that heaven will receive an amazing soul and will be more glorious because of you, my beloved friend.  Thank you for enriching my life.  I will keep you to your promise to visit me.  Every time I see a Ladybug, I will know it is you.